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Chair of Physical Chemistry 1, Prof. Dr. Markus Retsch

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Date News
27.12.2018 Well-defined metal-polymer nanocomposites: The interplay of structure, thermoplasmonics, and elastic mechanical properties
21.12.2018 Christmas Wishes
26.11.2018 Ordered Particle Arrays via a Langmuir Transfer Process: Access to Any Two-Dimensional Bravais Lattice
07.11.2018 Computing the 3D Radial Distribution Function from Particle Positions: An Advanced Analytic Approach
15.10.2018 Thomas Tran starts his master thesis
09.10.2018 Christian defended his thesis
01.10.2018 Mechanochemically Carboxylated Multilayer Graphene for Carbon/ABS Composites with Improved Thermal Conductivity
21.09.2018 Bernd wins poster prize in Erlangen
17.09.2018 Kai Herrmann starts his PhD thesis
12.09.2018 Surface Plasmon Modes of Nanomesh-on-Mirror Nanocavities Prepared by Nanosphere Lithography
01.09.2018 Daewoo Suh starts his postdoctoral research
16.07.2018 Tobias Lauster starts his PhD Thesis
02.07.2018 Dominik Benke starts his PhD Thesis
05.06.2018 Understanding Thermal Insulation in Porous, Particulate Materials
28.05.2018 Prof. Dr. Markus Retsch Head of Physical Chemistry 1
22.05.2018 Frontispiece in Advanced Materials Interfaces
28.03.2018 Fabian defended his thesis
12.03.2018 Nanomeshes at Liquid Interfaces: From Free-Standing Hole Arrays toward Metal–Insulator–Metal Architectures
27.02.2018 Low Thermal Conductivity through Dense Particle Packings with Optimum Disorder
23.02.2018 Retsch Group attended the Macromolecular Colloquium Freiburg 2018
15.02.2018 Thermal transport in binary colloidal glasses: Composition dependence and percolation assessment
06.02.2018 Pia defended her thesis
02.01.2018 Kai Herrmann starts his master thesis
01.01.2018 Happy New Year

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