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Chair of Physical Chemistry 1, Prof. Dr. Markus Retsch

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Date News
02.11.2022 New-paper-out
27.07.2022 Group action on the Wiesent
25.07.2022 Anna defended her thesis
04.07.2022 First week of the Bayreuth International Summer School started
01.07.2022 Max start his master thesis
08.05.2022 Retsch group at MRS spring meeting in Hawaii
01.01.2022 Happy-New-Year-2022
17.11.2021 Layer thickness matters! - Publication in Adv Energy & Sustainability Research
10.11.2021 Publication in Adv. Funct. Mater. on High Temperature Thermal Transport Online
01.10.2021 Alexander Berger starts his Ph.D. thesis
29.09.2021 Joint paper on particle diffusion close to surfaces
21.09.2021 Marius Schöttle wins poster prize at the Bayreuther Polymer Symposium 2021
10.09.2021 Retschgroup is now on Twitter
09.09.2021 SiC particles published in ZAAC
01.09.2021 Thomas Tran presented poster at the GDCh Wissenschaftsforum
21.08.2021 Gradient colloidal crystals published in Advanced Materials
13.08.2021 Bernd Kopera awarded best Ph.D. thesis in Chemistry in 2020
26.02.2021 Photoacoustics publishes work on thermal wave interferometry
25.01.2021 Paper on lock in thermography published
04.01.2021 IR-Emisson tuning published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
01.01.2021 Happy New Year 2021
01.12.2020  Ina Klein start her Ph.D. in the Retsch group
29.09.2020 Patrick successfully defended his thesis
24.06.2020 Thermal Transport in Ampholytic Polymers: The Role of Hydrogen Bonding and Water Uptake
15.05.2020 Bernd successfully defended his thesis
04.05.2020 Flora Bitterlich starts her PhD
28.04.2020 Anisotropic Thermal Transport in Spray-Coated Single-Phase Two-Dimensional Materials: Synthetic Clay Versus Graphene Oxide
25.03.2020 Scalable synthesis of smooth PS@TiO2 core-shell and TiO2 hollow spheres in the (sub) micron size range: understanding synthesis and calcination parameters
26.02.2020 Retsch Group attended the Macromolecular Colloquium Freiburg 2020
09.01.2020 Breathable and Flexible Polymer Membranes with Mechanoresponsive Electric Resistance
08.01.2020 Tunable Thermoelastic Anisotropy in Hybrid Bragg Stacks with Extreme Polymer Confinement
07.01.2020 Happy New Year 2020
02.12.2019 Qimengs starts his postdoctoral research
29.11.2019 The accuracy of laser flash analysis explored by finite element method and numerical fitting
29.11.2019 Tunable daytime passive radiative cooling based on a broadband angle selective low-pass filter
01.10.2019 Thomas starts his PhD
03.09.2019 Group Retreat 2019
02.09.2019 Marius Schöttle starts his PhD thesis
12.07.2019 Kai attended the 20th International Conference on Photoacoustic and Photothermal Phenomena
12.07.2019 Tobias and Dominik poster presentation on the Zsigmondy Colloquium 2019
31.05.2019 Direct measurement of the in-plane thermal diffusivity of semitransparent thin films by lock-in thermography: an extension of the slopes method
02.05.2019 Flora Bitterlich starts her master thesis
11.04.2019 Kishin Matsumori starts his PhD thesis
22.02.2019 Retsch Group attended the Macromolecular Colloquium Freiburg 2019
03.01.2019 Stefan Rettinger joins Retsch Group
01.01.2019 Happy New Year
27.12.2018 Well-defined metal-polymer nanocomposites: The interplay of structure, thermoplasmonics, and elastic mechanical properties
21.12.2018 Christmas Wishes
26.11.2018 Ordered Particle Arrays via a Langmuir Transfer Process: Access to Any Two-Dimensional Bravais Lattice
07.11.2018 Computing the 3D Radial Distribution Function from Particle Positions: An Advanced Analytic Approach
15.10.2018 Thomas Tran starts his master thesis
09.10.2018 Christian defended his thesis
01.10.2018 Mechanochemically Carboxylated Multilayer Graphene for Carbon/ABS Composites with Improved Thermal Conductivity
21.09.2018 Bernd wins poster prize in Erlangen
17.09.2018 Kai Herrmann starts his PhD thesis
12.09.2018 Surface Plasmon Modes of Nanomesh-on-Mirror Nanocavities Prepared by Nanosphere Lithography
01.09.2018 Daewoo Suh starts his postdoctoral research
16.07.2018 Tobias Lauster starts his PhD Thesis
02.07.2018 Dominik Benke starts his PhD Thesis
05.06.2018 Understanding Thermal Insulation in Porous, Particulate Materials
28.05.2018 Prof. Dr. Markus Retsch Head of Physical Chemistry 1
22.05.2018 Frontispiece in Advanced Materials Interfaces
28.03.2018 Fabian defended his thesis
12.03.2018 Nanomeshes at Liquid Interfaces: From Free-Standing Hole Arrays toward Metal–Insulator–Metal Architectures
27.02.2018 Low Thermal Conductivity through Dense Particle Packings with Optimum Disorder
23.02.2018 Retsch Group attended the Macromolecular Colloquium Freiburg 2018
15.02.2018 Thermal transport in binary colloidal glasses: Composition dependence and percolation assessment
06.02.2018 Pia defended her thesis
02.01.2018 Kai Herrmann starts his master thesis
01.01.2018 Happy New Year
13.12.2017 From butterfly wings to new functional materials: Nanostructures control heat transport
13.12.2017 Science as Art Prize at 2017 Fall MRS
01.12.2017 Tanja Feller starts her PhD Thesis
30.11.2017 Simple and High Yield Synthesis of Metal-Polymer Nanocomposites: The Role of Theta-Centrifugation as an Essential Purification Step
17.11.2017 Tailor-made temperature-dependent thermal conductivity via interparticle constriction
10.11.2017 Alexandra wins poster prize in Saarbrücken
10.11.2017 Interface and Morphology Control of the Thermal Conductivity in Core–Shell Particle Colloidal Crystals
04.11.2017 Contact-based and spheroidal vibrational modes of a hexagonal monolayer of microspheres on a substrate
01.10.2017 Argyrios Georgiadis starts his postdoctoral research
04.09.2017 Understanding Thermal Insulation in Porous, Particulate Materials
01.09.2017 Tobias Lauster starts his master thesis
01.09.2017 Nelson Pech May starts his postdoctoral research
24.07.2017 Vibrational dynamics of a two-dimensional microgranular crystal
05.06.2017 Film formation kinetics probed by thermal diffusivity
19.04.2017 Binary plasmonic honeycomb structures: High-resolution EDX mapping and optical properties
22.03.2017 Dynamic control over surface lattice plasmon resonances
17.02.2017 Bernd wins poster prize in Freiburg
15.02.2017 Scientific Reports: Plasmonic nanomeshes and their role in polymer solar cells
31.01.2017 Electrochemistry at the nanoscale
01.01.2017 Anna Lechner starts her PhD thesis
01.01.2017 Happy New Year
16.12.2016 Reversible anisotropic/isotropic thermal conductivity in polyurethane foams
14.12.2016 Ice Nucleation in Hollow Silica Spheres
09.12.2016 ERC Grant Agreement finalized
16.08.2016 Andreas Karg starts his Master thesis
27.07.2016 Publication in PCCP: Plasmonic monolayers in organic solar cells
07.07.2016 Electrostatic focusing of colloids published in Nanoscale
29.06.2016 Publication on binary honeycomb structures
01.06.2016 Anna Lechner starts her Master thesis
18.04.2016 Scattering paper in Nano Research
16.04.2016 Night of the Profs
24.02.2016 Retsch group attends 2016 Makrokolloq in Freiburg
24.12.2015 Merry Christmas
20.10.2015 Bernd Kopera starts his Master thesis
15.10.2015 Paper in Advanced Materials online
30.09.2015 CECAM workshop on hot nanostructures
19.08.2015 Cover in Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics
17.07.2015 Antireflective monolayers appear in Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics
08.07.2015 Cover in Chemical Reviews
24.06.2015 Paper on thermal transport in polymer colloidal crystals online
23.06.2015 Review on self-assembly in Chemical Reviews online
20.06.2015 Graduiertentag 2015
15.06.2015 Patrick Hummel starts his PhD
15.05.2015 Thermal transport in hollow silica spheres published in Nanoscale
13.05.2015 Markus Retsch presented at the IRTG seminar at the University of Freiburg
23.04.2015 Markus Retsch gave a presentation at the CBI colloquium in Erlangen
06.04.2015 Retsch group attends the 2015 spring MRS in San Francisco
02.03.2015 Pia Ruckdeschel presented her research at the 2015 Zsigmondy Colloquium
24.11.2014 Review in Materials Today online
01.11.2014 Alexandra Philipp starts her PhD
11.08.2014 Felix Krohn starts his Master thesis
11.08.2014 Patrick Hummel starts his Master thesis
08.07.2014 Prof. Retsch delivered keynote presentation at UK Colloids 2014
01.07.2014 Anna Lechner starts her bachelor thesis
01.06.2014 Dr. Maiti joins Retsch group
15.04.2014 Fabian Nutz starts his PhD
17.03.2014 Pia Ruckdeschel starts her PhD
01.01.2014 Christian Stelling starts his PhD
01.01.2014 Kick-off Lichtenberg professorship of Prof. Markus Retsch
22.07.2013 Prof. Markus Retsch has been awarded a Lichtenberg professorship
31.05.2013 Double hierarchically structured composite materials in Advanced Functional Materials
06.11.2012 High strain rate deformation of layered nanocomposites in Nature Communications
18.10.2012 ENB Alumni Portrait
31.07.2012 Markus Retsch is announced "Juniorprofessor"
18.07.2012 Our publication on plasmonic solar cells appears as backcover in Nanoscale
14.03.2012 Work on multilayer mechanics of hollow sphere arrays accepted in Langmuir

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